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la biblioteca berio, in genova, italy, has organized a powerful september project on september 11, 2007.

first, in italian:


Biblioteca Berio
Ufficio Comunicazione-Promozione-Eventi Culturali
Via del Seminario, 16 – 16121 Genova
e-mail: berioeventi@comune.genova.it
tel. 010 5576093/6086/6031
fax 0105576054

Martedì 11 Settembre

Progetto Settembre 2007 … a sostegno di punti di incontro in tutto il
mondo l – 11 settembre

La Biblioteca Berio aderisce per il secondo anno consecutivo a “Progetto Settembre”, un’iziativa che intende prendere spunto dalla tragedia dell’attacco al World Trade Center di New York del 2001 per promuovere nelle biblioteche di tutto il mondo la riflessione e la discussione sul ruolo e l’importanza dell?informazione nella promozione di una cultura di pace e nella comprensione di un mondo sempre più connotato da tensioni e conflitti globali.

Progetto Settembre nato nel 2004, ha finora coinvolto più di mille biblioteche in tutto il mondo. La Biblioteca Berio aderisce al progetto organizzando alcune iniziative in collaborazione con Emergency Genova.

“Emergency in Sudan, una scommessa nel deserto”

Sala Chierici ore 17.00
Nella conferenza Mizio Ferraris parlerà degli interventi di Emergency in
Sudan per garantire l?assistenza medico-chirurgica alle persone affette
da patologie cardiache causate da malattie infettive e malnutrizione.

Mostra fotografica
“Prima le donne e i bambini”

Piano terra della Biblioteca 8.30-19.00
La mostra illustra, attraverso immagini e testi, le condizioni di vita
di donne e bambini principali vittime degli effetti della guerra.


unfortunately, i do not read italian. using BAD translation software, i understand the following is going to happen on september 11 at biblioteca berio.

on september 11, la biblioteca berio will host two september project events.

at 5 pm, the library will host a conference titled “emergency in sudan, a bet in the desert.” it will feature mizio ferraris.

throughout the day, the library will host a photo exhibit called “Prima le donne e i bambini.” the exhibit illustrates, through images and witnesses, the living conditions of women and children who are victims of war.

thank you, biblioteca berio, for participating again in the september project.


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we just learned from cindy kline, adult program coordinator of the indian prairie public library, that her library will be hosting a conversation with thomas jefferson! as cindy writes:

The Indian Prairie Public Library in Darien, IL will be presenting “A Conversation with Thomas Jefferson” at the library on Tues., September 11, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. Actor Phil Lauricella will portray Mr. Jeffferson who will compare the 18th and 21st centuries and will share his views on The Bill of Rights, The Constitution, and personal liberties. We are pleased to, once again, be participating in The September Project.

this event sounds fascinating and extremely timely. what an exciting place the library will be on september 11.


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in the past, many public libraries have chosen to combine their banned book events–displays, readings, lists, even dramatic productions–with their september project program. it’s a great idea, especially because ala offers suggestions for events each year. from the office for intellectual freedom page:

We invite you to explore what the week means. Reflect on your freedom to read, cherish it, and, by all means, read what you want to read. As the author of Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury, said, “You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.”

nicely said! consider the activities ala suggests.

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as we blogged about last week, la biblioteca centro lincoln collaborated with el instituto cultural argentino norteamericano (ICANA) to produce “puertas abiertas,” a multi-dimensioned series of events in buenos aires to enjoy the languages, food, and culture of each country.

ICANA’s esperanza sanchez reports about the event:

“Visitors received a piece of stencil art by Simulacro group from Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas. They were exposed to art in several exhibitions: Historia con Zapatos and Tiempos Inhumanos, by the artist Malena Gainza.


Professor Julio Manjovsky lectured on four great twentieth century American photographers: Dorotea Lange, Lewis Hine, Dianne Arbus, and Eugene Smith.

Regarding music, there was projection of Elvis Presley’s 25th Anniversary Concert, and the documentaries Flashing on the Sixties and Empire of the Industry at the Auditorium.

Ricardo Poyo Castro delivered a talk on jazz and African American music. Participants could also enjoy some live music shows performed by Peter Bronzini and its duet and Roberto Moreno’s Quartet. James Murray and Proscenio presented some Broadway musicals.”




thank you, esperanza, for the excellent summary and photographs!

update: here is a new image of Tiempos Inhumanos:

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this morning we received an email from sonia haydée amaya león, director of the library at la universidad francisco gavidia, located in san salvador, el salvador. once again, they are participating in the september project!

sonia writes: “La Universidad Francisco Gavidia de El Salvador, es una de las Instituciones que contribuye al esfuerzo del Proyecto “Septiembre,” participando activamente cada año.”

judging from these photographs from last year’s event, we are very excited to be collaborating with sonia, her colleagues, and the students at la universidad francisco gavidia!



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tomorrow, la biblioteca centro lincoln is collaborating with el instituto cultural argentino norteamericano (ICANA), the dante alighieri institut, the goethe institute, and the french alliance to produce “puertas abiertas,” a multi-dimensioned series of events to enjoy the languages, food, and culture of each country.


activities include jazz, performances of classical broadway musicals by the proscenio school, and a celebration of elvis. there will also be a live installation of street art and stencils so that members of the public can make his or her own works of art. ricardo rojas, instructor of the cultural center, will be there to help. there will be presentations about art, photography, literature, and jazz, and la biblioteca centro lincoln will provide a book display. there will be an art exhibit featuring malena gainza’s “cruel times” and gagali gociol’s “histories with shoes.” all events and activities are free.


from ICANA:

Puertas Abiertas, es una invitación a degustar los idiomas, la gastronomía y la cultura de cada país, este año bajo el lema “Imágenes del Tiempo”.

El Jazz y los musicales estarán presentes. La escuela Proscenio a cargo de James Murray presentará los clásicos musicales de Broadway. Celebraremos los 25 años de Elvis.

El arte estará en la muestra de Magali Gociol “Historias con Zapatos” y la presentación de “Tiempos Inhumanos” de Malena Gainza. También habrá una instalación en vivo de Street Art y Stencils para que el público realice sus propias obras de arte con instructores del Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas.

Conferencias sobre arte, fotografía, literatura y jazz nos acompañaran durante toda la tarde. Quiere saber mas sobre los Estados Unidos? no se pierda las charlas sobre vida universitaria, y acérquese a retirar, mapas y folletos.

La Biblioteca Centro Lincoln hará un book outlet donde podrá adquirir libros a precios increíbles!

En el laboratorio habrá sesiones de radio a través de los programas radiales de Voice of America. Para descansar y tomar un café habrá un coffee store a cargo del Instituto Gastronomico de Buenos Aires. Stands de comidas típicas de Estados Unidos de Kometo y Agroandina; y Pop corn para degustar en los espectáculos Proyección de videos con imágenes del cine norteamericano durante toda la jornada.

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this morning, lisa a. kirby, an assistant professor of english, shared news about some september project events being organized at north carolina wesleyan college. their events, centered around the theme of religious understanding, diversity, and tolerance, will take place on campus at elizabeth braswell pearsall library. as lisa noted on the september project listserv:

As part of that theme, we have several activities planned. Along with an exhibit in the library and a common, campus-wide reading, we will also be hosting a guest speaker. On Tuesday, September 11, at 4:30 pm, Dr. Umesh Gulati will give a talk, titled “Democratic Reconstruction of Religions and World Peace.” Dr. Gulati is a scholar of religious studies and cross-cultural awareness, and North Carolina Wesleyan College is proud to bring him to campus with the support of the North Carolina Humanities Council.

it’s exciting to see colleges collaborating with state humanities councils to organize such interesting and timely events!

update: we recently heard from lisa kirby who notes: “North Carolina Wesleyan College participated in The September Project for the first time this year. We focused on the themes of religious understanding, diversity, and tolerance, and our participation included an exhibit in the library and a guest speaker, Dr. Umesh Gulati, who delivered a talk on September 11 titled “Democratic Reconstruction of Religions and World Peace.” Dr. Gulati’s presentation was supported in part by the North Carolina Humanities Council.”

here’s some photos of the event and the library display.





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