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As many of you know, David and I have been preoccupied with things a bit more cute and cuddly than the September Project… the birth of our daughter. While I haven’t had time to blog on the site, I have had time to reflect upon all of the incredible work libraries do each day in addition to the inspiring events filling the September Project listserv and web site.

banned books baby

Before our daughter arrived, I had some time to consider her future as a library user and created a slogan for a t-shirt that bespoke her mom’s passions. What better way to share my thoughts than emblazon them on my daughter? 🙂

Here’s to everything libraries stand for, and to all of the future library users out there who will continue to benefit from the hard work of librarians everywhere.


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Cynthia Garrick, the reference services librarian for Yakima Valley Libraries in Washington, just announced details of their September Project, “Coming Home From War.” Yakima Valley Libraries will show Alive Day Memories: Home from Iraq. In this heartbreaking documentary, three-time Emmy winner James Gandolfini interviews ten wounded soldiers who served in Iraq. The film explores the sacrifices that soldiers make in service to their country.

Following the film, Maria Rivera, the readjustment counselor for Yakima Vet Center and Graciela Marroquin, the Wraparound Care Coordinator for Central Washington Comprehensive Mental Health will answer questions about the challenges soldiers face upon their return from combat.

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Cynthia Dutton has just notified us that Cuba Circulating Library in New York will present a talk by Public Affairs Officer Maj. Katherine Oliver, who was deployed to Afghanistan. She will discuss the people and culture of Afghanistan, with a special emphasis on issues that directly affect women. This talk will complement a book discussion on A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini, bestselling author of The Kite Runner.

What is so awesome about this event is how it gives people a chance to hear about what life is like in Afghanistan from an American hero who actually served there. We also applaud their efforts to discuss “women’s issues” because matters that concern women invariably concern society as a whole.

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