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September Project 2010

Back in spring, we asked members of The September Project about the future of the project. In particular, we asked whether or not the project – now in its 8th year – should continue.

Some of you answered, absolutely, the project should continue:

“Freedom, community, etc. do not go out of style, and new generations need to hear the message.”

“In this time when anti-intellectuals, intolerant people, and the ignorant are rampant, we need things like The September Project. If anything, it needs to expand.”

And some of you answered, it’s time for the project to end:

“When the September Project drifted away from its original purpose of remembering 9/11 in a coordinated movement it lost its interest to me.”

“Programming occurs year round. No need to designate events in September as The September Project in order to attract audiences.”

Much of what we heard from you were statements encouraging us to continue the project. One such statement was particularly moving:

“I think the September Project taps into the essential purpose of libraries in our community and our world. While we could do this alone, I think doing it together makes the message so much more powerful. It links us to something outside our community and it forges a bond for our common purpose. It also helps draw attention by the media by being something bigger than just our communities. Please let’s find a way to keep this project going for years to come.”

Let’s find a way:  welcome to The September Project 2010!

This year, we’d like YOU to help contribute content by blogging on our site about events, about ideas, and about your library’s participation. We’re not asking for much; if a group of people blog a few times, we’ll have more community-inspired content providing a more rich experience for participants.

If you plan to participate in the project this year, please consider writing just one blog post. The more voices, the stronger the community.

If you are interested, please contact us – either by email, by replying to the mailing list, or, preferably, by adding a comment below.

Soon we’ll post more information about this year’s project, but in the meantime we want to welcome all of you to The September Project 2010.


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