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The other night over Spanish tapas, the topic of this year’s September Project came up. We talked about our desire to encourage volunteers, not just because we continue to run this effort as volunteers ourselves, and not just because it’s easier to have more people involved, and not just because our budget has read “zero” for almost the entirety–8 years–of the project, but because the project is about people. Librarians, specifically, but people who attend, who collaborate, who make this project what it is. The more people who participate, the more successful the September Project (and I’m not talking about individual libraries that participate, necessarily, but people who attend, who organize, who lend a helping hand).

This year, as in past years, we’re always interested in welcoming other voices to the project: bloggers, tweeters, folks who want to lend their brains to dream up exciting and new ideas. If any of this resonates with you, please leave a comment, or drop us a line: septemberproject AT gmail dot com.


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