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as we blogged about last week, la biblioteca centro lincoln collaborated with el instituto cultural argentino norteamericano (ICANA) to produce “puertas abiertas,” a multi-dimensioned series of events in buenos aires to enjoy the languages, food, and culture of each country.

ICANA’s esperanza sanchez reports about the event:

“Visitors received a piece of stencil art by Simulacro group from Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas. They were exposed to art in several exhibitions: Historia con Zapatos and Tiempos Inhumanos, by the artist Malena Gainza.


Professor Julio Manjovsky lectured on four great twentieth century American photographers: Dorotea Lange, Lewis Hine, Dianne Arbus, and Eugene Smith.

Regarding music, there was projection of Elvis Presley’s 25th Anniversary Concert, and the documentaries Flashing on the Sixties and Empire of the Industry at the Auditorium.

Ricardo Poyo Castro delivered a talk on jazz and African American music. Participants could also enjoy some live music shows performed by Peter Bronzini and its duet and Roberto Moreno’s Quartet. James Murray and Proscenio presented some Broadway musicals.”




thank you, esperanza, for the excellent summary and photographs!

update: here is a new image of Tiempos Inhumanos:


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