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From Cheryl Metz at the Massanutten Regional Library:

The Massanutten Regional Library system of eight branches and a Bookmobile will participate in the September Project this year. Each branch will distribute brochures that list available resources for Voting, Patriotism, Democracy and Remembrance. The Main branch will also display varied materials from Sept 2nd – 16th in the lobby. On Sept. 5th, after a patriotic storytime, the children will make eagles during craft time. Voter Registration Forms are also available throughout the library.

Welcome, Massanutten!


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All eight branches of the Arapahoe Library District, a public library system serving more than 200,000 residents living in Arapahoe County and other major suburban counties that make up the greater metropolitan area surrounding Denver, Colorado, are participating in this year’s September Project in a big way. It’s exciting when entire library systems get involved in the September Project, especially when each of the branches organizes different events for their different communities.

On a map, Arapahoe Library District’s participation in the September Project looks like this:

Librarians at Arapahoe Library District have decided to dedicate the whole month of September to Democracy @ Your Library and will be having voter registration and will be distributing constitution booklets at four of their branches. Further, all eight libraries will sponsor September Projects. As Cindy Mares, Program Coordinator at Arapahoe Library District, posted to the September Project listserv, their children, teen, and adult September Project events include:

Children’s Programs:
Wheels Parade and Crafts for Kids – Bring your decorated bike, wagon, or stroller for a patriotic parade around the parking lot! Make a craft to take home and top off the fun with cookies and lemonade!
Red, White and Blue Wreath – Make a wreath of red, white and blue foam and listen to a patriotic story. Ages 4+
Beaded Patriotic Pin Craft – Make a patriotic pin to wear and listen to a story about America. Ages 6-11.
Presidential Plane Race – Build a red, white and blue airplane to race for prizes and listen to a story about our country.
National Treasure: Two groups race to steal the Declaration of Independence and outwit each other and the FBI in order to find hidden treasure. A great action movie!
Shooting Star Memory Box – Keep your American memories in a sparkly box you decorate yourself.

Teen Programs:
Movie Night:
First Daughter:  Samantha wants to be a normal college student, but with the Secret Service protecting her, it doesn’t look likely.
Book Club:
First Daughter: Extreme American Makeover: Sameera, adopted Pakistani daughter of a Presidential candidate, is getting a makeover to make her appear more “American”. But what makes someone an American?  (A copy of the book will be available to the first 10 teens who register.)
Win Your Argument!  Do you like to debate multiple topics with your friends, teachers or parents? Learn the great art of successful persuasion; then apply those techniques to the issues that affect your life!

Adult Programs:
Ballot Speak – Learn about the issues that will be on the Colorado Ballot in November. The League of Women Voters will present an objective view that will help you make informed decisions.
Highline Silver Cornet Band – Enjoy lively patriotic music from the late 19th Century with the Highline Silver Cornet Band.
UltraSoniX Quartet – Members of the Denver MountainAires Barbershop Chapter present a patriotic tableau of soul-stirring red, white and blue tunes with a special tribute to Bob Hope’s USO Shows that toured the armed forces at a time when worldwide freedom was in peril.
Health Care: Issues & Options – With over 40 million uninsured Americans and spiraling health care costs, the need for a better health care system is clear to most Americans. Join Active Minds to look at our options, including how other nations of the world address the issue of health care for their citizens.

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Beverly Holmes Hughes, the Director of the Sugar Grove Public Library (IL) recently shared with us that her library is once again participating in the September Project. After knowing Beverly through her posts and her library’s events over the years, David and I had an opportunity to meet Beverly during a visit to the Bensenville Public Library while we were in Chicago for ALA. It was a pleasure to put a face to her name and voice to her words.

One year I was able to participate in a global event hosted at Sugar Grove and at the National Library Board of Singapore.

Ivan Chew and Beverly organized a teen event that took place completely online using Instant Messenger, where teens from different sides of the world–Illinois, Singapore–discussed how they were different and how they were the same. It was a remarkable event, embodying my personal dreams for the September Project of bringing people together to learn from each other, to be challenged, and to consider a better world. I was honored to be a part of this inspired September Project event, and it remains one of my most treasured library experiences. Thanks, Beverly and Ivan.

Following is Sugar Grove’s 2008 program:

Libraries Remember, September 11, 2001

The Sugar Grove Public Library (IL) will be joining with other libraries across the nation in a day of remembrance and celebration. According to Bill Erbes, of the Bensenville Community Library “libraries represent the sum of all human knowledge, and they represent equal access to that knowledge. Libraries represent freedom of expression, celebration of diversity, a playing field that is level, preservation of heritage, and commitment to the future.”

The Sugar Grove Public Library will open our doors for service at 12:01 a.m. on Thursday, September 11, 2008 and remain open for 24 hours. During this time we will host Ceremonies at our Flag Pole, provide the opportunity for community gatherings, and library business as usual. Sugar Grove Library Friends will be hosting a Coffee/ Snack Bar throughout the event in addition to their membership drive and silent auction.

On this day we are hosting the Sugar Grove Chamber of Commerce & Industry for their monthly meeting. Their meeting will be on our lawn as a community picnic. Mr. Ed Huss, Veteran and Local Activist, will be our speaker, his topic is “Being Patriotic.”

Library staff will encourage people to register to vote on this day. The Library will sponsor hourly door prize drawings for gift books. A gift book is a book placed in the library collection in honor or memory of an individual or group of your choice. We invite you to join us throughout this 24 hours remembrance to read, reflect and resonate with pride in celebration of our American freedoms.

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for the fifth year in a row, sugar grove public library will keep its doors open for 24 hours on september 11. the effort, which is also part of the libraries remember project, includes a diverse set of activities. as library director beverly holmes hughes writes:

During this time we will host Ceremonies at the Library Flag Pole, conduct library card registration & voter registration, enjoy visits from our local heroes – the Sugar Grove Police and Fire Departments – and offer a Scholastic Book Sale. The Sugar Grove Library Friends will be hosting a Coffee/Snack Bar throughout the event in addition to their membership drive and silent auction.

please take some pictures beverly!

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Back in 2005, the Terrebonne Parish Library System, located 60 miles southwest of New Orleans, participated in the September Project. That was before Katrina, before Rita, and before a substantial part of the parish and one of the Terrebonne libraries was destroyed.

Now in 2007, we’re encouraged by the news (and delighted to announce!) that the Terrebonne Parish Library System will once again participate in the project–and they’re participating in a dramatic and spectacular way! So far, the library is offering public lectures, artistic displays, voter registration, book discussions, and a music concert. Here’s more information about their exciting events, scheduled throughout September AND October!

This year, the Terrebonne Parish Library System will provide its patronage with informative lectures, voter registration days, and creative outlets, celebrating patriotism and civic duty. Scheduled for this September are lectures from the New Orleans Archdiocese Catholic Charities Immigration Accreditation Representative, voter registration booths in the library throughout the month, and a patriotic themed art exhibit sponsored by the Houma Regional Arts Council. The month of September also ushers in the RELIC program (Readings in Literature and Culture) at the library. This year’s theme is “Being American” and focuses on immigration in American history. The Friends of the Terrebonne Public Library’s annual book sale is held in September and this year will feature a collection of American and patriotism-oriented literature.

The Houma Regional Arts Council will launch the Big Read program in celebration of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. The Big Read in Terrebonne Parish is presented in partnership with the Terrebonne Parish Library System. The Big Read is an initiative of the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), designed to restore reading to the center of American culture. The NEA presents the Big Read in partnership with the Institute of Museum and Library Services in cooperation with ArtsMidwest. The Big Read brings together partners across the country to encourage reading for pleasure and enlightenment. Terrebonne Parish will celebrate To Kill a Mockingbird from September 1st through December with movie screenings and book discussions; visit www.neabigread.org for more information about activities and a full calendar of events.

To Kill a Mockingbird has two broad themes: tolerance and justice. Within these two broad themes there are sub-themes of religious & racial tolerance, prejudices, personal integrity, and defiance of social norms, among others.
We invite artists to focus their artwork on the themes of To Kill a Mockingbird in relation to the September Project’s theme of “Being American”.

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