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Over the past five years, many libraries have organized September Project events around Banned Books Week (September 27–October 4). There’s plenty of books to choose from, and some libraries have organized events, others designed displays, and some even held theatrical events. But have any ever focused on the books that were challenged in their state? I’m not aware of any, and today I learned of a wiki for books that were challenged in Montana: http://mlaif.pbwiki.com/Montana+Challenged+Books

What an interesting topic, and a good way to spark discussion. Any takers?


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This morning, Nan Carmack, Director of the Campbell County Public Library System, posted to the September Project listserv to share her library’s events:

Campbell Co. Public Library System, in rural Virginia, will be participating by displaying feature titles as well as the Banned Books Exhibit from the Long Island Coalition Against Censorship (in conjunction with Banned Books Week)

We will be also be having an essay contest for local high schoolers on the importance of voting in governmental elections, with a cash prize.  We haven’t developed the guidelines yet–guess I’d better get cracking!

I think this event is smart and exciting for many reasons. First, it’s great to see libraries planning September Project events in conjunction with already existing national (US) events like Banned Books Week and Constitution Day. Second, when it comes to town-gown collaborations, what could be better than a public library working with a public high school to encourage students to think about, express, and share the importance of voting? Third, Nan has organized September Projects in the past — when she was Events and Marketing Coordinator for Bedford (VA) Public Library System — and when it comes to publicizing library events she’s an expert and an innovator.

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