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Today I came upon this post from the Big Country Library System blog from West Texas. The following quote spoke to me, encompassing my thoughts–and likely others–about the role libraries play in society. Here it is, in full:

A Fundamental Freedom
“The library is the Ellis Island of ideas. We welcome ideas from all and provide a place where they clash, meld, morph, and synthesize to challenge society and energize its public discourse.”
(ALA President, Jim Rettig)

Banned Books Week— September 27 through October 4 –helps librarians remind people of a fundamental freedom they exercise every time they use their library, i.e. their right to READ.

Good luck with your programs, and please send us your thoughts and photos of your events!


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Over the past five years, many libraries have organized September Project events around Banned Books Week (September 27–October 4). There’s plenty of books to choose from, and some libraries have organized events, others designed displays, and some even held theatrical events. But have any ever focused on the books that were challenged in their state? I’m not aware of any, and today I learned of a wiki for books that were challenged in Montana: http://mlaif.pbwiki.com/Montana+Challenged+Books

What an interesting topic, and a good way to spark discussion. Any takers?

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