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for the third year in a row, the university of haifa library is participating in the september project. as iris igra writes, “As we did in previous years at the University of Haifa Library, we prepared a small website in memory of the 11 September. This year our 11 September website includes an annotated list of books and movies about this subject that arrived at the library during 2006-2007.”

so much of the september project is about memory, so it’s nice to see the university of haifa library archiving their events – from 2006 and from 2005 – over time.


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we recently heard from karen chobot, director of mildred johnson library at north dakota state college of science. they are smartly combining three events into one big september project. from karen:

“Just wanted to let you know what we have been doing here in Wahpeton. We are a small staff at a small school, and we find it difficult to get started with a project right away when so few of us work over the summer. So we have decided over the years to combine 3 events into one, and start it out on September 11, so it stays up for a whole month.

The 3 events for September, making a full september project, are The September Project, Constitution Day, and Banned Books week. We have focused each year on displays in the library, liberally gaining inspiration from the web and other people’s sites. As a public institution, we are required to put on some educational activities on campus for Constitution Day, so we have focused every year on censorship and the freedom of expression. (Maybe next year I will move on to include the 2nd amendment, as gun ownership is big here.)

This year we are particularly highlighting Students Rights. I bought the sets of posters from the Long Island Coalition Against Censorship and will display the sets serially as the weeks go by. We have a window display on the music industry’s efforts to stop student file sharing, which has directly affected several of our students. I have a questionaire out by the exhibits asking student opinions on what they think of those efforts: are ‘free speech zones’ a good alternative, what they think of speech codes, and so on.”

it’s wonderful to be collaborating once again with the librarians of mildred johnson library.

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primero, en español.

from Ing. Sonia Haydée Amaya León, Directora del Sistema Bibliotecario, Universidad Francisco Gavidia, San Salvador, El Salvador:

En el marco de las celebraciones del Proyecto Septiembre el pasado 14 de los corrientes la Universidad Francisco Gavidia de El Salvador a través del Sistema Bibliotecario, colaboró nuevamente con esta iniciativa a través de la realización de un video foro denominado “Secuelas de la violencia: destrucción, dolor y sufrimientos” en el que participaron autoridades, docentes y alumnos de la Institución, quienes pudieron reflexionar y dar opiniones acerca de la violencia, sus consecuencias y la forma de evitarla.

Así mismo se mencionó la importancia de impulsar una cultura y ambiente de paz en la humanidad.”



when i copy sonia’s words and paste them into google’s (bad) translation software, i receive:

“Within the framework of the celebrations of the Project September the past 14 of the current year the University Francisco Gavidia of El Salvador through System Librarian, again collaborated with this initiative through the accomplishment of a video denominated forum “Sequels of the violence: destruction, pain and sufferings” in which authorities participated, educational and students of the Institution, that could reflect and give opinions about the violence, its consequences and the form to avoid it.

Also the importance was mentioned of impelling a culture and atmosphere of peace in the humanity.”

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While in Salt Lake City for the September Project event at the J. Willard Marriott Public Library, David offered his thoughts on the project. Listen to the interview here.

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From Purvis Public Library

This year we have kept our September Project simpler than last year’s displays, yet we have continued to have impressive displays to honor eptember 11, 2001 victims and heroes.

Today, 9-11-07, we have a dvd, showing the events of 6 years ago, playing ll day in our adult reading area to help remind our patrons what the day represents.

Donna P. Fite
Branch Manager
Purvis Public Library

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We have on display books on 9/11 and also posters, books, DVDs to commemorate Constitution Week here at our library at Waycross College.

Ms. Janice Williams
Reference Librarian
Waycross College

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The September Project at Oregon Middle School:

We are connecting with our local public library to celebrate  National Library Card Sign Up Month, introduce the various programs available at the public library and services available on line.  We have set aside Sept 24th for the public librarian to visit our middle school to meet with students and faculty.  I have created a bulletin board  to advocate for our libraries  and I have public library card applications in my possession ( in Spanish and English) giving students the convenience to “get carded” at school.

Happy September!!

Cheryl Carr
Library Media Specialist
Oregon Middle School

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